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HubSpot Customer Training Accreditation (HCTA) is a program designed to help HubSpot solutions partners grow their market authority and expand the range of services they can offer including training courses officially recognized by HubSpot.

Adding HubSpot customer training to your service offering will allow you not only to generate new business opportunities for your agency, but also to position your brand as a thought leader in the market and strengthen your relationships with existing clients.  

In order to empower our partners to become training experts, HubSpot will provide selected solutions partners meeting our program requirements with the materials to teach customer training courses about HubSpot sales and marketing tools, as well as with event registration, marketing resources and coaching sessions to facilitate successful HubSpot trainings. 



Selected solutions partners will have the opportunity to grow their market authority as inbound leaders and generate new potential revenue streams for their business.

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New Revenue

Build new business partnerships with HubSpot customers in your local markets and receive payment for days of training delivered.
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Enhanced Market Authority

Grow your market authority by adding HubSpot training courses to the services offered by your agency.
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Resources and Marketing Support

Use of HubSpot training materials, marketing promotion, and event management support from HubSpot.



Our goal is to make training a service offering that our solutions partners can implement (almost) out-of-the-box. For this reason we are going to offer selected Accredited Trainers ongoing support in three main areas: training material, event management and marketing promotion. 

Training Materials

  • Slide decks
  • Worksheets
  • Online resources
  • Access to test portal

Event Registration & Promotion

  • Registration management
  • Payment processing
  • Attendance tracking
  • Communication with attendees
  • Attendee reminder and follow-up communications
  • Survey administration

Marketing Support

  • Email marketing
  • Training listing page
  • Landing pages
  • Agendas and collaterals

How to Join

Admission into HubSpot Customer Training Accreditation Program begins with an application. There will be open-enrollment windows throughout the year and there will be a limit on the number of Accredited Trainers accepted per term. Each application window will focus on specific regions globally that will be determined based on market demand and program's growth.

Applications are currently closed for the HubSpot Customer Training Accreditation Program. If you are interested in future opportunities sign-up using the link below!


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Program Requirements

We look forward to hearing from ambitious partners who are passionate about HubSpot and inbound training and meet the following criteria:

Agency Tier:

  • Platinum and above agency tier status with proven success using the HubSpot tools for clients.

HubSpot Certified TrainerCertifications:
You are required to have and maintain the following valid certifications:

Bilingual fluency (only If applicable): 

  • Applicants must be proficient in both specific language for delivery (listed on application) & English

Location (only if applicable):

  • If specified on application you will need to be a resident in specific countries for some roles

Selection Process


You are required to have and maintain the following valid certifications:

Once you've completed the prerequisites you can apply for Customer Training Accreditation opening via the website (Here)

The selection process starts with a video application if you meet the program requirements (view section above) you will be asked to film a short video answer a question prompt related to your training experience. We provide detailed instructions so you are adequately prepared. 

Your video application will be reviewed and evaluated by the HubSpot Customer Training Accreditation (HCTA) team.

Applicants that passed the video submission will be asked to deliver a 20-minute presentation on one of the topics of the Inbound Methodology. Presentation slides and facilitation notes will be provided by HubSpot to help with preparation. 

NOTE: Applicants must pass the final role-play to become a HubSpot Customer Trainer.

Onboarding Process



HCTA Time Line



HubSpot Customer Training offers HubSpot users the opportunity to meet HubSpot experts in a small group setting and connect with other users to learn about HubSpot Sales and Marketing tools and the Inbound Methodology in a live, interactive, hands-on environment. As a HubSpot Accredited Trainer, you will be delivering our official customer training courses and work with international HubSpot users to help them evaluate their current marketing and sales activities and plan for future campaigns.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Inbound Sales, Sales & Marketing Alignment 

Locations: Globally, but you will be delivering the training in your country or in a virtual environment.

Best for: A new or existing HubSpot user looking to strengthen their understanding of HubSpot Marketing and Sales Tools.



HubSpot Customer Training Accreditation

We are proud to partner with talented training professionals to deliver world-class HubSpot customer training around the globe. Read about their experience and skills below!


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Of course! You will receive payment for the days of training you will deliver. The payment will be issued directly to the agency partner.

Although there is no set time commitment, here are some things to consider to help you assess the program's time commitment:

  • In order to become and to remain part of the HubSpot Customer Training Accreditation program, you will need to maintain all the required certifications active throughout your participation in the program.
  • The selection process includes a short video submission and a role-play training session (resources will be provided for the role play by HubSpot).
  • Once admitted into the program, new trainers will go through an onboarding program requiring about 4-6 hours of preparation work per week.

The agreement will only be valid for the duration of your employment with the agency partner with whom you joined the HubSpot Customer Training Accreditation Program. It will not be possible to transfer your title in the HubSpot Customer Training Accreditation program to other colleagues or to other agencies you may be working for.

No, HubSpot will provide all the training assets (presentation, worksheets, and additional resources). 

HubSpot Customer Training Accreditation Program materials cannot be edited or distributed outside of HubSpot customer training events.

Depending on the demand in your market, you might be asked to deliver 3-10 sessions a year.